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When people require legal support, they are generally frustrated by a particular situation. If you have exhausted all other avenues and need help to reconcile a legal matter, contact Foat Associates Lawyers today.

Our reliable and experienced team will provide you with the very best legal support in New Lambton in a professional, trustworthy manner.

Family law

When family members are involved in a legal dispute, a great deal of care needs to be taken to ensure that each client is treated with respect. Here at Foat Associates Lawyers we understand that these are sensitive matters and need to be resolved with tact and delicacy.

Estate law

We understand that estate matters are often times of great stress for families. Our lawyers can assist you with legal support in all probate matters, or help ensure that an executor complies with all applicable laws. If you have recently retired, or are making plans for your family's future and would like to draw up a will please speak to our experienced team in New Lambton.

Business law

If you run your own business, it is imperative that you have the proper legal support. You need a service you can trust to provide you with the correct advice before making any decisions. Our expert advisors at Foat Associates Lawyers offer commonsense solutions to help your business prosper. To drive your business further, contact our firm in New Lambton today!

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